Did you know that as a martial arts academy, child care facility, dojo, or dance studio that you’re eligible for reduced payment processing costs? It’s called emerging market interchange and you’ll want to check your statement because the savings are huge. Academies are also great examples of omni-channel merchants – meaning they process in multiple different environments. This is our specialty – we’ll bring the right technology to the table so you can do in-studio, online, and recurring payments all inside the same account.

Processing for Studios, Academies, and Gyms

Does your gym offer classes? Training? You could be eligible for emerging market interchange – a fancy way of saying huge savings on payment processing fees. Dance studios, martial arts academies, schools, and even daycare are eligible – IF you have an expert in your corner.

  • QuickBooks 2-way Sync

  • Online bill payment capabilities

  • Secure Customer Vault

  • Huge Interchange Savings

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