Waste management companies – trash collection, dumpster rental, and portable toilet rental – have access to some of the best interchange rates available to businesses in the United States. If your payment processing program is tiered or flat rate, you may not be getting the best pricing… in fact far from it. Waste management falls into a special category called “emerging market”.

Card issuing banks (like Bank of America, Capital One, etc.) price each card they offer based on a variety of factors. The better the rewards, the higher the cost to the merchant to accept them. The waste management industry lobbied for special rates that significantly reduces the cost of taking credit cards. As a result, a $500 roll-off dumpster rental payment processing cost could be as low as $2.47 – that’s barely half a percent!

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Take a peek at your processing statement – if you don’t see “Emerging Market” or if you see a lot of “EIRF” or “CNP” and “Standard”, your account was not set up properly. If you are paying a flat rate or if your rate is separated into “buckets” like Qualified, Mid-Qualified, and Non-Qualified, you are missing out on HUGE savings available for your industry.

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