Omni-Channel Payment Processing Platform

Omni-channel payments refers to a single account where all different types of payments can be processed. First, a single login that allows you to view payments taken online, in-store, on mobile, or via secured customer vault. Second, a single point of contact for any questions. Third, just one system to learn. Omnichannel is the future of payments.

Fast Funding

Get your money fast – next day funding on all card types means anything closed by 8:30pm is in your account next day – even large transactions.

Triple Layer Support

24/7/365 processor support backed by 16hr/day platform support backed by your sales professional. Three is better than one.

American Express OptBlue

American Express OptBlue allows merchants a single point of contact for all card brands and lower pricing on AMEX transactions.

Native Mobile App

Meet your customers where they are with a mobile app designed to future proof your payments operations. From your app, you can email receipts, store customers to your Secure Customer Vault, perform full or partial refunds, and track who took what payment where and what time. Don’t let the simple and easy to use interface fool you – you can still benefit from Level 2 & Level 3 interchange, capture signature, and all transactions are fully reportable.

Secure Customer Vault

Few things can streamline your accounts receivable collection process more than securely keeping your customer’s payment details on file. Whether it is subscription billing, installment sales, or just the convenience of instant payment from repeat customers, card storage enables businesses to be faster, more profitable, and more secure.

What it isn’t: This isn’t your grandma’s “card on file”. This is a Level 1 PCI compliant secure server that encrypts and stores “tokens” so no personal data ever needs to touch your network.

  • Easily add new customer payment details and save them securely

  • Integrates with native mobile app so your customer data is where you need it

  • Stores credit card information and ACH information in the same place

  • Reduce your PCI risk and compliance concerns

  • Easily run reports on upcoming card expirations with an option to email the customer to update

  • Integrates with Automatic Card Updater to reduce involuntary churn of your customer base

ACH/Check Processing

Paper checks are free to process right? As long as you don’t look at the process of mailing, receiving, posting, depositing, reconciling, and waiting. And that’s if it clears on the first try. ACH transactions speed up the check process without sacrificing the cost effectiveness of payments by check. For less than a cup of coffee you can process a check digitally as a direct draft from your customer’s account all from within the same environment as your credit card processing.

Automatic Card Updater

Credit cards have a pretty short lifespan – just a little over 2 years according to VISA. That’s why being able to automatically update expired, lost, and stolen cards is important for your business that runs on reoccurring payments. We’ve all been there – we win the deal, the customer puts their card on file and everything’s great – reliable monthly revenue without chasing down checks. Until the card expires. Your team now has to reach out to the customer and sometimes re-sell the entire service just to keep that card fresh and stored in your customer vault. This isn’t a rare occurrence – nearly 1/3 of ongoing payments run into this exact scenario.

Introducing Automatic Card Updater: In a 100% behind the scenes series of events, our software pings card networks for the most current cardholder information and gives you a handy report for each update. This prevents the chasing of payment methods and the abject sadness of “involuntary churn”.

Level 2 & 3 Interchange Optimization

If your business accepts payment from customers using business credit cards, you could be looking at a very expensive monthly processing bill. For most business credit cards, the interchange cost is commonly very near 3%.

Enhanced Data, as long as it is passed through to the card brands, allows businesses to reduce the cost of taking those expensive business cards, especially on B2G large ticket purchases (like on ePayables Network). Enhanced data fields are numerous and many are required in order for the transaction to qualify, but depending on your business, it can provide some serious savings.

Most B2B transactions are eligible for cost reductions of 0.2% to 0.5% but some can save up to 1.05%. The process of entering this data can be cumbersome, but with our platform’s machine learning, we automate these savings for you.

ACH Payments

Making the sale should be the hardest part… but then there’s getting paid. Our platform’s entire purpose is to speed up and reduce the cost of collecting from your customers. Electronic invoicing is a huge tool that businesses can use simply and collect specific amounts or even open amounts by simply sending an email to their customer.