Are you ready to love your processor? No, really, like actually love your processor? That’s the goal every time we provide payment processing for auto mechanics and tire shops. Credit card processing is an unregulated industry. It’s mission critical for businesses to accept credit cards, the billing is super complicated, and the technology is pretty advanced. This is a recipe for a lot of bad actors to hind behind fancy words and confusing paperwork and take advantage of their customers. Not us… what you see is what you get – every time.

Eliminate 95% of Your Fees

Ever thought to yourself – Self? How can I get my customers to pay with cash so I don’t have to pay these damned credit card fees? We have, and we have a program specifically designed to do just that. Our program empowers shop owners with tools to encourage customers to choose the least expensive way to pay. Even if you don’t want to go down that road, we have payment processing programs for auto mechanics that will save you money and even give you new ways to take payment all while possibly covering your equipment costs.

  • QuickBooks 2-way Sync

  • Online bill payment capabilities

  • Secure Customer Vault

  • Level 2 & Level 3 Payments

  • Cash Discount Program Saves up to 95%

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