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The growth of electronic payments has moved credit acceptance from a “growing industry” to a mission critical tool to drive business for small businesses no matter what industry they’re in. The legal landscape unfortunately makes this challenging for businesses in emerging markets.

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Common Questions

What are the odds of getting approved to process payments?2021-04-24T04:38:17+00:00

We run on a 94% approval rate for high risk merchants. All of the categories you see above are what are considered high risk by the banks that govern many of these decisions. We offer this insanely high approval rate in a fully transparent manner with our bank partners. Many processors will “massage” your application to try to hide your real business model from their sponsor banks. That’s a recipe for disaster – held funds, cancelled accounts, high reserves and lots of headaches. We do it above board from the beginning.

Why is CBD considered high risk processing?2021-04-24T04:46:04+00:00

Cannabidiol oil (CBD or CBD oil) is a derivative of the cannabis plant. It’s extracted from low-THC strains of cannabis to form a non-psychoactive oil that can be stored in a stable way for accurate dosing. Unfortunately, Cannabis is still a Schedule I drug in the United States, which makes it federally illegal. Because of CBDs proven medical application, states are loosening restrictions, but it still becomes confusing on a federal level. Enter in the banking system, one that relies upon the Fed to move money and voila, we have a tenuous situation. The key is finding a bank that looks at CBD like any other product and has a risk appetite that will allow it. We can’t control what the Federal government says is legal or not legal, but we can control which banks we connect with our clients. With over 25 banks that we work with, we will place you with the right long-term partner for your business.

Why should you partner with us?2021-04-24T04:52:58+00:00

There are many companies out there that claim to be able to place high risk (or hard to place) merchants. Sadly, many of these will adjust merchant applications and skew the merchant details to take advantage of automated underwriting. Basically, they’re tricking the computer algorithm into approving an account that according to their underwriting guidelines would be denied.

The result?

Nice low rates for a little while, and then chaos. Funds get frozen, reserves get put in place, and accounts get shut down.

How are we different?

Simple – we work in complete transparency with our bank partners. They know what your business does and what your business sells. When they approve your business for processing, they are doing it with eyes wide open resulting in a fair processing program free from the risks of amateur hour and dishonesty.

What about Kratom merchant accounts?2021-04-24T04:56:17+00:00

Every merchant is different but most of the time yes, we can offer payment processing for kratom and also kava merchant accounts as well. Best bet is to reach out and get a conversation going.

Do I need to use an offshore bank to make this work?2021-04-24T05:02:31+00:00

No. We don’t utilize foreign bank programs due to the complicated nature of these arrangements and the lack of control over how your money flows to your accounts. With the proper domestic (USA) bank relationships, it’s an unnecessary and confusing expense.

How does Cannabis processing work?2021-04-24T05:12:31+00:00

Depending on your state, we typically deploy a cashless ATM installation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Merchants have a cashless ATM PIN pad installed at the register (this looks just like a traditional PIN pad).
  2. Customers bring their purchases to the counter to get rung up and are provided a total.
  3. Customer can use their debit card at the cashless ATM PIN pad to conduct a “cash withdrawal” from their account.
  4. A “cash withdrawal” is made to cover the transaction amount and a voucher is placed in the merchant’s register.
  5. Customer must make withdrawals in $5 increments. They’ll likely pay more than the ticket amount and will receive cash “change” after purchase.


Customer purchases $47.50 worth of merchandise. They take their debit card and insert it into the payment device to initiate a “withdrawal” of $50 (must be in $5 increments). A voucher is printed and placed in the register. Many merchants will elect to add a “ATM” payment button to their POS and treat it as a cash payment. Just like if you paid $50 for a $47.50 ticket, you’d be owed $2.50 in change. The merchant gives the $2.50 back in cash, which is great because it reduces all that cash taken throughout the day.

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