Families treat their fur babies like their children and health care is no exception. Veterinary care is often just as important as human healthcare, but the big difference is that most of these expenses are out of pocket, without an insurance coverage option. This forces providers to offer more payment options for their clients to speed up A/R and increase revenues. Having access to veterinary wellness subscription plans, easy frictionless payments, and practice management system integration are key to success for veterinary payments.

of patients are willing to store their preferred payment details with their providers

A Comprehensive Payment System for Veterinarians

Drive new revenue with automated veterinary wellness subscription plans while simplifying the payment process through offering card on file, contactless, text to pay, and online payments. Auto-post each payment right inside Cornerstone or any other practice management system using our Payments AI.

  • Contactless Payments

  • Text to pay

  • Auto-post to PMS through Payments AI

  • Securely store patient payment details

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