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We’re Pretty Quick!

We get instant notifications on this form from Slack and via email so we typically reach out within 10 minutes of the form being completed. Looking forward to learning more about your business!

Some FAQ’s

Why do you need to know my industry?2020-03-30T20:48:16+00:00

Every conversation we have is slightly different. Businesses in different industries have different needs and this helps us have a good place to start when speaking to you about your business.

What do you mean “software?”2020-03-30T20:49:14+00:00

Many of our clients process through accounting, point of sale, or ERP software like QuickBooks, Aloha, or Sage. Knowing what software you use to interface into your payment processing engine is very important.

What should I expect when you reach out?2020-03-30T20:52:41+00:00

The first step is for us to understand how the electronic (ACH, credit card, debit card) transactions work in your current system. Once we understand that and can integrate or provide an even better, simpler process, we’ll go through a statement analysis. The first call takes about 10 minutes unless we become friends 🙂

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