Each processor may have a slightly different version of Cash Discount, with varying degrees of compliance. The two most popular options are:

  • Non-Cash Adjustment
    This is where every item or service offered by the merchant (that’s you) is subject to a percentage service or other fee. This fee is automatically added to everything in the “customer basket” and if paying cash, the “customer basket” is discounted down to the cash-incentive price. This is what is called an “in-kind” incentive.
  • Cash Discount
    Imagine you offered a 10% discount to active duty military. If someone walks into your establishment and orders $50 worth of goods, you charge them $50, right? But once they present their military ID, you discount the $50 down to $45. Cash discount in its truest form is simply that – offering a discount based on the customer paying with cash. Typically, merchants using this version of cash discount will execute, with our help, menu or service sheet price adjustments and possibly some point of sale edits.